TIA POH LOONG had been educated in Singapore for most of his life. He studied in Woodlands Secondary and went on to do his A-levels at St. Andrews Junior College.

He pursued his law degree in United Kingdom and graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Bachelor of Laws.

Upon completion of his Bar Vocational course (BVC) in Newcastle achieved the grade of Very Competent and he was called to the English Bar in the year 2000. He then further called to the Malaysian Bar on 29th June 2001.

He went into Chambering with M/s Yeo, Tan Hoon & Tee under the guidance of the very senior litigation counsel Mr Chok Chin You. There after he worked as a legal assistant in M/s Lai Kee Peng & Associates, taking charge of corporate and panel litigation matters.

Since 2003, he joined Messrs Tia & Noordin. He is now given the responsibility of the Tia & Noordin branch in Johor Jaya.

Thereafter he has introduced and successfully incorporated systematic and computerized systems into the firms’ conveyancing practice.

Throughout the years, he has dealt with various conveyancing issues and handled commercial loans from various banks on a daily basis.

To date, he has acquired the requisite knowledge and experience to lead the now headcount of 40+ staff thoughout the firm branches to handle the bulk load of developer conveyancing work as well as sub-sale cases.

In the year 2013, he has became the partner of this firm together with his father, Tia Chak Yit.

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